Sarena West

  • Sarena West

    Sarena West

    Serena West is a steep reef with lots of nooks and crannies and a combination of coral, rubble area and a sandy bottom. There are many green branching corals here. The nice coral area is just within the shallow part. Here you can see juvenile barramundi cod and juvenile dotty sweetlips.

    The rubble area is rich with critters where you may find lots of cardinal fish, stick pipe fish, ghost pipefish, and frog fish. The sandy bottom is a good place for finding Octopus like wonderpus, black and blue ribbon eel, and devil scorpion fish that are usually buried in the sand. Here you may also find crab eyed gobies and other types of gobies.

    Location: Along the Lombok strait, near Serena Island
    Currents: Moderate to strong
    Depth: 5 m to 25 m

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