Pulau Putus

  • Pulau Putus

    Pulau Putus

    Pulau Putus is another must visit Lembeh site. It is a steep reef that gives way to a sandy slope down at 80’. The site features a very good visibility. It has a beautiful coral and sponge garden that serve as a home for many critters. It highlights a very dramatic and stunning scenery. Here you can find larger Devil and eagle rays, the rare jaw fish, some nudis and other variety of marine life.

    The dive here is pretty typical yet unforgettable due to the perfect current and scenery that fits every diver. The site also offers snorkeling and it is a good place for photography.

    Location: Northern end of Lembeh
    Currents: Easy, can be strong
    Depth: 3 m to 30 m

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