• Jahir


    Jahir is one of the latest dive sites in Makawide. It is a famous muck site with black sand slopes, rope sponge growth and some coral outcrops in the shallows. It is named after the five dive guides who discovered it. They are Jandry, Ade, Henry, Iwan and Robin. The name Jahir was gotten from the combined initials of their names.

    The site has a large sandy area and coral blocks. There are also plenty of Purple Heart urchin’s homes to the Zebra crab. The common fish here are the Ambon scorpion fish, frogfish, and eels. You may also get the chance to see the longspined diadema sea urchins and hairy frogfishes.
    The site is also good for night diving where you will have a very good opportunity to see the strange stargazer.

    Location: Along the Lembeh strait, Makawide
    Currents: Moderate to strong
    Depth: 3 m to 30 m

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