California Dreaming

  • California Dreaming

    California Dreaming

    California Dreaming, unlike other Lembeh strait dive sites, is less of a muck dive. It is less murky with better visibility at about 5 to 25 meters. There is a plateau at approximately 15 meters. Currents are usually mild, cautious when strong.

    Coral life here is more attractive with lots of coral gardens of large orange tree corals and pink gorgonian sea fans. You will also be fascinated by the colorful feather stars, Christmas tree worms, sea squirts and sea whips. There are lots of reef fish here such as the parrot fish and the butterfly fish. Moray eels are also present as well as ribbon eels, mantis shrimps, flatfish, gobies, nudibranches, pink squat lobsters, decorator crabs, Coleman’s shrimps and emperor shrimps. Here you may also find strange species you have never seen in your entire diving experience.

    Location: Northern most of Lembeh Strait
    Currents: Mild, Can be strong
    Depth: 3 m to 40 m

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