Batu Sandar

  • Batu Sandar

    Batu Sandar

    The name Batu Sandar means leaning rock. It is situated midway up on the Lembeh Island, around a pinnacle that leans above the water. The site initially had a little rock leaning against the big pinnacle, unfortunately, the small rock is no longer in the same place.

    Batu Sandar is considered as the best snorkeling site. There is a fringing reef in the shallows that gives way to sand and patch of reefs that descends to 80’. A finger coral extends out into the strait down on a white sand slope at about 20 meters. The site has excellent soft coral growth as well as sponges and many coral bommies.

    Location: Along the Lombok Strait, Makawide
    Currents: Moderate, can be strong
    Depth: 4 m to 25 m

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