Lembeh Hills Resort

Lembeh Hills Resort

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Lembeh Bastianos Resort

Lembeh Bastianos Resort

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NAD Lembeh Resort

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Dive Lembeh

An amazing cleanest island in North Sulawesi, Bitung Manado – Indonesia; Lembeh is a perfect diving spot because of its unspoiled nature, black and white sandy beaches, beautiful forest and different variety of birds and butterflies. One of the world’s leading site for underwater paradise.

Lembeh is consist of exotic organism like mandarin fish, colorful nudibrachs, ghost pipefish, frog fish, shrimp, rhinopias, rare pygmy seahorse and blue ringed octopus, also coral skeleton and unusual habitat can be found here. When you dive deep around Lembeh, you often see stretches of black sand because of the volcanic sand under the sea, which marine life become attractive and unique.

The paradise of Lembeh is considered for better macro-photography. Capturing wonderful fascinating creatures, it’s ultimate for divers who are wishing to learn any spectacular angle shot underwater photography.

Best time to Dive

Lembeh offers extraordinary year round diving by its geographic location, during the month of January to February there can be swells but it subside in the month of March and easy for you to capture small critters. However, the weather from March to May is normally best to dive all around the island where you might see whale shark or even whale. The best critter season is from April to October wherein the visibility is lesser and the temperature drops down slowly to 26 -24 Celsius, these may be the reason where there are more critters to find and spot like robust ghost pipefish, hairy frog fish, cephalopods etc. July is the month where octopus seen mating, laying eggs or hatching.

Getting there

Silk Air flight from Singapore to Manado is every Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and takes about 3 and a half hour. Once you arrive at Manado Airport, bastianos will transfer you down to Lembeh, more or less 1 and half hour in a small bus. There are also several daily flights, some direct from Jakarta on a mixture of shipper, as well as daily trip via Makassar from Bali, if arriving domestically.

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